‘Butterflies….Life for All’

Last summer we launched a Circuit project by way of knitted Angels,  many of you will have knitted or delivered or found one or more of the 1300 Angels we made.  We shared across Jersey as a means of sharing the gift of Christ at Christmas.  This was a hugely appreciated project and one that “due to popular request” we will repeat again this year, but more of that after Easter!

With so many appreciative messages coming to us by phone, social media or from conversations inside and more especially outside of church, we wondered if we could engage in an Easter project along similar lines.

So we are launching


The life cycle of caterpillar, via chrysalis to butterfly is a commonly used metaphor in the church for the resurrection of Jesus.  It speaks of the transformation that takes place from life on earth (caterpillar) through death (chrysalis, which although not dead it looks like it, almost tomb like) and then glorious and radiant new life in the form of a butterfly.  This has come to represent Jesus’ life on earth, his death on the cross and his being laid in the tomb and his resurrection and transformation to new life.  It also mirrors the experience of many people who come to know Jesus in their own lives.

The butterfly also happens, for us, to sync with spring which coincides with Easter and the new life that bursts forth from the cold and dark days, from the cold and dark earth of winter to the welcome new life that bursts forth around us and within us.

“This is how it will be when the dead are raised to life.  When the body is buried, it is mortal; when raised, it will be immortal  (1 Corinthians 15:42)

Jesus said “I am the resurrection and I am the life” (John 11:25)

So…what are we doing????

We have designed, printed and cut out 2000 butterflies, now it is over to you!  We want you to take some from the back of church and colour them in.  This can be with paint, crayons, felt pens…whatever medium you like and are happy with…but PLEASE…NO COLLAGE…no sticking bits onto them.  Colour the side with flowers and other Easter symbols on it and leave the back (with the information about it) untouched.    All butterflies will need to coloured and returned to church and returned to us by Sunday 26th March.  They will then be laminated and cut out and have a length of yarn as feelers/antennae added to them and then bundles of finished butterflies will be given out to all churches in time for Palm Sunday when we hope that you will include a blessing of the butterflies in your worship and hand them out to the congregation to take away so that on Good Friday evening they can take them out and hang them around the island ready for people to find on Saturday or Easter Sunday when they are out and about.

PLEASE…do get involved if you can.

Revs Elaine & Graeme Halls

Le Mistral, L’amy Retraite, La rue de Causie, St Clement JE2 6SS

Tel: 01534 722093   EM: revshalls@supanet.com